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Social Lead Freak Review [Social Interest Freak]

Hello again everyone or if you’re new here, a warm and hearty welcome!

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Today we will be discussing a little bit older, but a still greatly working and up to date social lead generation tools.

If you don’t know anything about lead generation or about acquiring and maintaining more leads online I suggest that you read up at the following article:
What is lead generation

The lead generation software I’m talking about is called Social Lead Freak.
Some of you might have heard about it by now or you might have tried some other tools.

But let me tell you why it is my go-to tool for my lead generation process.

As you might realize by now Fresh New Sales Leads = Fresh New Sales!

And it doesn’t matter if you are a Clickbank, JVzoo, Amazon or any other type of affiliate.
If you promote via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook or other social media.
Or you work with e-mail lists, provide services to online and offline clients.

You CANNOT make consistent and growing sales without those fresh new business opportunity leads.

Sounds simple enough don’t you think?

But as you may have experienced yourself, the conventional lead generation techniques are running quite dry.
Online marketers are literally fighting over the final leftover scraps with their old lead generation strategies.
And then there is the method of buying leads, with a cost per lead of $1-$25 without the certainty that the prospect will generate a sale, who would want to sit around waiting for that..
Now let’s look at the still growing and ever expanding Social Media crowd.

Social Lead Freak focuses mainly on Facebook and Google+, both excellent sources for social campaigns to generate business leads.
Unfortunately most marketeers totally forget about social media or just simply don’t know how to profetize them.

As stubborn as I was a few years ago, I didn’t get into social media after struggling for about a year.
But when I finally did a totally new world (of leads) opened for me and sales went way up.

And with this tool it will be easier then ever to find those targeted, highly profitable prospect.

But what can it really do for you?

First off, it is a piece of desktop software developed with Adobe Air.
Meaning it’s compatible with PC, MAC or any device that has Air support.

Facebook Features

You might have heard about the Facebook Graph Search.

The Graph Search implies that FB has finally made it’s data like Member IDs, Post Content, Group Members, Page Content, Page Fans, etc available to the general public.
Social Lead Freak allows you to convert your collected data like the ID’s into emails.

Search Groups

You can take out a selection of targeted groups and see all the members, extract their ID’s straight to your PC.

Search Events

It let’s you find people that signed to go to an event, and with that you can find targeted people for your niche.
Remember, people going to those events are already enthusiastic about that niche, meaning they are heavily targeted and great potential buyers.

Search Pages

By defining your keywords you can find all pages related to them and it even lets you filter by how many likes the pages have.
This is a great way to focus on Facebook Fan Pages that you actually WANT to find and can profit from.

Search Posts

Maybe the most important one, it allows you to search all posts on Facebook to find those people that have a demand for your products or services.
A quick search will immediately output a huge number of people who just posted on Facebook, giving you the opportunity to immediately jump in.

Facebook Ads

You can use the IDs that Social Lead Freak provides you with and use them in your Facebook Ads Editor.
Meaning only those people will get your AD served, saving you a lot of costs and giving you a highly targeted campaign.

Social Lead Freak Program


Social Lead Freak lets you search all Google+ activities with a single click.
Google+ activities resemble Facebook posts, ripe with leads who have a need.

If you’ve dismissed Google+, you have been losing out on a potential group of customers!

Social Lead Freak Testimonial


You don’t need a website, domain or hosting to work with it.
You’ll have everything you need to do your lead nurturing, drive traffic and most important, sales.
In my opinion, this is what a sales lead tool should be able to do, provide you with plenty of options to diversify and conquer the internet market.

Apart from what I’ve already told you, there’s a lot more features and the creators have even made a huge bonus package which you can see here:
Social Lead Freak Bonuses

If you are planning to start using social media or if you want to increase you leads online I highly suggest you give it a go.
It hasn’t let me down yet and I haven’t found a better tool, payed or free, that does the job better.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I started late with my social campaigns and was averagely successful with it.
But after starting to use Social Lead Freak and improving my lead generation process with it my targeted traffic increased drastically.
And we all know what more targeted traffic means… MORE SALES!

Get your copy of Social Lead Freak right away via this link and receive a ton of bonuses:

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