Tee Inspector Review

For those that do not want to read, be sure to check out the below video to get an idea of what this is about or check out the TeeInspector Website!

Just Released: Powerful Teespring Research Software Responsible for Generating Over $231,966.31 Selling Shirts!
Teespring Marketing has never been easier, with Tee Inspector you can immediately start making money or start making more then you already did if you have some experience.

Let’s have a look at some of it’s features:
– Extract campaigns from TeeView, Google & Source code
– Sort by the top sellers to quickly spot the winners
– Find ads sending traffic to formentioned campaigns
– Quickly discover hundreds of profitable t-shirt design ideas
– Export data to reports which you can sell on Fiverr
– Spy on other people’s running campaign’s daily sales data
– Search the popular social network product called Wanelo for top trending designs

Let me highlight a few features I personally love and save me a lot of time on my Teespring efforts.

FB Code Tool

The FB Code makes it extremely simple to get your conversion pixel number from the Facebook code.
Just copy and paste the Facebook code into the tool and the conversion pixel number will be shown.
After that insert the code into your campaign and you can track all your sales.

Hover Preview

Lets you preview any campaign by simply hovering your mouse over the link.
Stop wasting time flipping through hundreds of Teespring or Teeview pages, you can see exactly what you want with a little mouse movement.

TeeInspector Hover Preview

Campaigns Data Preview

Instantly view all campaigns in an easy to use, interactive data table.
You can sort the columns as well as search by keyword and the results will show and change in real time.
Another plus of this is that you can sell these reports as HTML files on Fiverr! Who says no to extra money!

TeeInspector Campaigns Data Preview

Data Archiver Tool

Lets you see the daily sales numbers for all your competitor’s campaigns.
You can now “spy” on any campaign using the Data Archiver Tool for any given campaign link, you can even set which interval you want it to update with.
The intervals to collect data can be set to every 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours, and don’t forget to use it on your own campaigns to monitor how well they are doing.

– Quickly see which designs are getting most sales
– Know which of your designs are selling within the first hours
– Find out your earnings per hour!
– Combine the power with the tracker tool to see all your EPC’s
– See which days of the week bring in the most sales
– See the times of day when you get the most sales
– Use the statistics to fine tune your campaigns for maximimum profits

All I can say is that it is the most advanced piece of Teespring Marketing Software that I have come across so far.
It has really cut back my research and setup time and more importantly has almost doubled my income from shirts.

You should really try it out for yourself to see how great it works, be sure to check out the Tee Inspector website, because I haven’t even mentioned all of it’s functions!

Posted on: February 16, 2015, by : Kevin